Icon Custom Homes: Building Your Dream Home

Icon Custom Homes is a company that specializes in building custom homes for clients who want something unique and customized. They provide an excellent service for those looking to build their dream home!

The Icon Custom Homes team has been successfully designing and building custom homes since the 1950s, with over 600 successful projects under their belt. They specialize in one-of-a-kind designs tailored to your wants and needs from concept to completion of your project.

Building your dream home can be challenging. But with the company, you will not have to do anything. They take care of everything with services like planning and construction. They are experienced and know-how to ensure the project goes smoothly.

Welcome Home

Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes offers the best modular home designs and services. They offer a completely modular design to create the ideal home for you. They can make your vision of the perfect house become a showcase with many valuable additional features. Install garage doors, doorways, and porches to become your idea of perfection anywhere in your home.

When building a new house, you should decide what type of house you want. You also have to decide what style the house will be and where it will be built. There are many different options for building your home for you, so don’t just pick the first one.

These days, more and more people choose to build their own homes. And Icon Custom Homes is one of the best options for these people.

Design, Build and Renovate

The proper renovation is an easy way to make any room better. They are involved in primary or minor renovation projects for homes built from the early 1900s until the 1990s. They want to bring glory to God through their construction practices, interactions with clients and suppliers. Their philosophy is to save and revitalize the best building. They offer functionality with modern features while keeping originality and character.


ICON can do both large and small renovations. Their work is on a turn-key project, and they have a general contractor license that covers all the jobs. They can do tasks with budgets as small as $1 million. When you talk to them, they will discuss what you need to be done at your house. Realtors sometimes have clients who need help before they buy a home. If this is what you need too, Icon can do it for you and will be able to accept an order from you later on if you contact them within 24 hours of agreeing to take the job. You can also find home design services in Adair home plans; you just need to check and compare their rates to choose which service provider is the right one for you.

Energy Efficient Homes

ICON Advantage gives you more value to invest in. You may choose more options based on the selection of available floor designs/floor plans. Advantage Home offers many design choices for customers. The offer also includes full access to design specialists and many finishes. But it doesn’t matter what you choose, because you can select your own finishes with their wide range.

Owner & President

Charles “Chuck” Hicks, the founder of Icon Custom Builders, has a degree in engineering from the University of South Carolina. In 2005 he built his own company, and it is called ICON Builders. He is good at building, and old buildings have many possibilities. He has gathered loyal, skilled staff over the years and established long-term relationships with local suppliers and business partners.

Master Craftsman

Don Guilbault was part of ICON’s 2015 campaign and ran a big white ICON truck on the street. He is an excellent carpenter with any trim issues in his area. As a retired veteran, Don served four combat missions during Desert Storms and Desert Shields in the Air Force.

Project and Design Coordinator

Katherine Yeager joined the ICON team in May 2019. She is responsible for guiding the customers and supporting them throughout the construction and remodeling process to ensure they get the best outcome. She helps guide them through different decisions they need to make, like choosing paint colors, tile, lighting fixtures, flooring, and design. Katherine also manages the Instagram page of the company.

Marketing Coordinator

Kali Newlen-Burden is in charge of the ICON site and Houzz site. She also manages projects, images, and digital content for multiple platforms. She designs logos for ICON’s team and helps with the design of renovation projects. Her team likes her vision because she does advertising design, scheduling, branding development, and marketing in many communities.


Dave Meyer is an architect at ICON. He designs many different projects, helps with scheduling and estimation using CAD software, and has been an architect at ICON for 12 years. Before moving to NC, he was an architect for Novant Medical Construction. Dave likes to travel by bike.

Project Manager

Craig Carter is a project manager at ICON Custom Builders. He helps to estimate the total cost of the job, and he is in charge of coordinating everything that will happen on-site. Before joining ICON, Craig owned his own company that renovated Greenville.

Project Manager

Doug Johnson is also the project manager for ICON CustomBuilders. He is responsible for how the projects go and what is happening on site. Before he joined ICON, Doug had his own renovation company.

You can visit this site to learn more about icon custom homes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Icon Custom Homes

Who Is the Owner of Icon Homes?

Icon Co is managed by a company called Kajima. They merged with another company called Cockram Constructions, and they are based in Japan. Icon Co had $1.4billion in revenue at the end of 2017.

What Is a Tract Home Builder?

Tract housebuilders buy a lot of lands and turn it into houses. They usually have three-floor plans. Speculative home builders build houses, but they don’t have the money to buy the land first, so they just guess that other people will want to buy their new homes. They’re excellent partners to build on your lot.

Who Is a Custom Home Builder?

Custom builders build new homes to meet the client’s needs and not just sell them. The client makes a lot of decisions in designing the house. However, modern technology allows users to design their own custom homes online.

Can I Buy a 3D-Printed House in the US?

ARCS helped people by lowering the expenses of a house. It made homes more affordable to buy. ARCS is going to soon make the first 3D printed houses in America.

How Much Does an ICON 3D Printed House Cost?

The company started to build affordable housing, but their homes are designed explicitly for 3d printers. The house is between $750,000 and is meant for people outside of the population.

Can I Buy a 3D-Printed House in Florida?

For those from Florida, you can go to Tallahassee to inspect this house that is the only 3D-printed house in Florida. It was created using computer-generated drawings. You can also check if they have one in El Paso, TX.

Is 3D Printed House Has the Same Floor Plan As Other Houses?

Specifications of custom homes share the same floor plan as any other house.

What Resources Does the ICON Team Use for 3D Printing?

They use materials that are required to build the best quality houses.